Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Resources from Episode #2

Here is the list of resources mentioned in Episode #2!

Podcasting for Dummies - Tee Morris

Contact us if you'd like to get in touch with any of our podcasting friends for various services. We'd be happy to connect you!

We also mentioned Audacity and Cory_El a bit more. :)

Episode 002 - The 3CM Network...and "Wait For It..."

This episode we bring you the 3 Chicks and a Mic Network of podcasts! We are also bringing you a How I Met Your Mother podcast called "Wait for it..."! Hope you enjoy our 2nd episode! And if you listen closely, you'll hear our special guest star, The Cat! He really wanted to be part of the show....because he loves podcasting so much! ;)

3 Chicks and a Mic

: http://threechicksandamic.wordpress.com/
Forums: http://threechicks.informe.com/forum/
E-mail: threechicksandamic@gmail.com
Voicemail: 206-426-6577
Listen: Free. Subscribe through iTunes or listen at Mevio

Topics: Geeky things, from a woman's perspective
Frequency: monthly...although sometimes there is more than one episode per month. :)
Merchandising: none


Squint Squad

: http://bonespodcast.livejournal.com/
Forums: Subforum at 3CM Forums
E-mail: bonespodcast@gmail.com
Listen: Free. Subscribe through iTunes or listen at MyPodcast.com

Topics: About the TV show Bones on Fox
Frequency: weekly
Merchandising: http://www.cafepress.com/bonespodcast


Fringe Dwellers

: http://fringedwellerspodcast.blogspot.com/
Forums: Subforum at Pods and Ends
E-mail: fringedwellers@gmail.com
Listen: Free. Subscribe through iTunes

Topics: About the FOX TV Show "Fringe"
Frequency: weekly
Merchandising: none


Entertainment Overload/Fused Film

: http://fusedfilm.com/category/fused-film-podcast/
Forums: EO has a Subforum at 3CM
E-mail: website@fusedfilm.com
Voicemail: (206) 666-3621
Listen: Free. Subscribe through iTunes or click here to Subscribe thru Mevio

Topics: Entertainment Overload, also known as EO, is about all things entertainment. The hosts review the TV shows, movies, music, and video games that have been "overloading" them every week. In addition to the many reviews given per week, EO includes a segment called the "BIG" review, which is a roundtable discussion on certain TV shows or movies that we all have watched.

The Fused Film Podcast, also know as The Fused Film Factor, is dedicated to all things in film. The hosts discuss movie news from the current week and have a roundtable discussion on certain movie topics each week.
Frequency: both are weekly
Merchandising: none

Kevin Coll
Adam Joiner
Justin Vactor
Ken Smithart


: http://www.geeklandpodcast.com and http://myspace.com/geeklandpodcast
Forums: Subforum at The Comic Forums
E-mail: Geeklandpodcast@gmail.com
Voicemail: (206) 666-3621
Listen: Free. Click here to Subscribe

Topics: Geekland is dedicated to the world of comics and any comic based material. Each week, the hosts review the comics that they have been reading and give insight into what is currently happening in those books.
Frequency: weekly
Merchandising: none

Justin Vactor
Ben Songer
Chris Eaton
Willie Gillis

Wait For It...

: http://himympodcast.podbean.com/
Forums: none
E-mail: himympodcast@gmail.com
Listen: Free. Subscribe through iTunes

Topics: A podcast about the TV show "How I Met Your Mother"
Frequency: weekly
Merchandising: none

Marc Vibbert
Tim Costello

Friday, October 17, 2008

Resources from Episode #1

Here is a list of resources mentioned in episode #1.

  • Garageband.com - free music and resources for podcasters
  • Cory El Designs (coryeldesignsATgmailDOTcom) - Graphics design
  • Alyrenee of Undead America - Voice work, such as podcast introductions
  • Audacity - audio editing program
  • Amazon Associates - make money advertising Amazon products

Just let us know if you'd like more information on any of these services and/or if you would like to contact Alyrenee. Thanks!

Friday, September 26, 2008

iTunes Link

We are up on iTunes! You can subscribe here! :) Our first episode, the Starkville Family of Podcasts, is currently available. Thanks for listening!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Episode 001 - The Starkville Family of Podcasts

Starkville's House of El (aka SHoE) is a Smallville Podcast that has spawned many other geekdom podcasts. This week, we bring you the SHoE Network of podcasts in all their geeky glory!

Starkville's House of El

: http://www.smallvillepodcast.com
Forums: Starkville's House of El Forums
E-mail: mail@houseofelpodcast.com
Listen: Free. Subscrible through iTunes or listen at smallvillepodcast.com

Topics: Smallville, TV Series
Frequency: Varies. During the season, they are weekly. During off-season, they are at least monthly
Merchandising: T-Shirts are available, check smallvillepodcast.com for more information. You can also order your Smallville DVD's through a link to Amazon.com at smallvillepodcast.com, which helps support SHoE

Derek Russell - Host / Director
Steve Glosson - Co-Host / Producer
Jason Bolton - Staff News Writer
Logan Angell - Reviewer
Stuart Baldwyn - Graphic Design
Former Crew:
Houston Longino - Host (Episodes 5 - 62)
Will Cooper - Host (Episodes 31 - 50)
Tucker Colburn - Host / Producer (Episodes 1 - 50)

(and don't forget about SHoE2, also found at iTunes, which is commentary on episodes of Smallville)

10th Wonder Podcast

Website: http://www.heroespodcast.com/
Forums: 10th Wonder Podcast Forums
E-mail: heroespodcast@gmail.com
Listen: Free. Subscrible through iTunes or listen at heroespodcast.com

Topics: Heroes, TV Series
Frequency: Varies. During the season, they are weekly (corresponding with the airing schedule of episodes). Off-season, they are usually bi-monthly or monthy.
Merchandising: Like SHoE, you can purchase T-Shirts and the Heroes DVD's through heroespodcast.com, which helps support the site.

Graham Hancock
Derek Russell


Website: http://www.skynextpodcast.com/
Forums: SkyNext Forums
E-mail: mail@skynextpodcast.com
Listen: Free. Subscrible through iTunes or listen at skynextpodcast.com

Topics: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, TV Series
Frequency: During the season they are weekly, off-season they are at least monthly.
Merchandising: Looks like they are looking into getting T-Shirts available, but nothing is available yet.

Steve Glosson
Derek Russell


Website: http://www.tangentcast.com/
Forums: Tangent Forums
E-mail: tangentcast@gmail.com
Listen: Free. Subscrible through iTunes or listen at tangentcast.com

Topics: Random discussions on various topics and side sketches
Frequency: Random. They post an episode when they have something fun and interesting to talk about.
Merchandising: You can purchase films they have talked about in the episodes from the site (in the Our Films section). The sales support the site.

Derek Russell - Host, Writer, Producer
Shane Reed Host, Writer
Graham Hancock - Technical Director
Michael Draper - Public Relations
Tucker Colburn - Co-Creator
Voice talent: Aly Greaves from Undead America.

Geek Out Loud

Website: http://geekoutpodcast.com/
Blog: Geek Out Online
E-mail: geekoutonline@gmail.com
Listen: Free. Subscrible through iTunes or listen at geekoutpodcast.com

Topics: Official podcast of "Geek Out Online!" the website. Devoted to comics, superheroes, sci-fi...basically all things geek!
Frequency: Seems to be bi-monthly for the most part.
Merchandising: You can order various DVD's and books by clicking through the site. Sales go to support the site.

Steve Glosson

Undead America

Website: http://undeadamerica.blogspot.com/
Forums: Undead America Forums
E-mail: undeadamerica@gmail.com
Listen: Free. Subscrible through iTunes or listen at http://undeadamerica.blogspot.com/

Topics: Buffy and other Joss Whedon Verse
Frequency: Pretty random. She's got a new episode out this month. :)
Merchandising: Purchase all things Whedon at Amazon through a link at http://undeadamerica.blogspot.com/. Sales go to support Undead America



Website: http://crossroadscast.tumblr.com/
Forums: Crossroads Forums
E-mail: crossroadscast@gmail.com
Listen: Free. Listen at http://crossroadscast.tumblr.com/

: Supernatural, TV Series
Frequency: During the season, weekly. Off-season, at least monthly.
Merchandising: none



Website: http://www.axedpodcast.com/
Forums: Axed Forums
E-mail: mail@axedpodcast.com
Listen: Free. Download at iTunes

: Canceled TV Shows
Frequency: Weekly, so far.
Merchandising: none


The Shadowy Flight

Website: http://sfpros.podzone.net/
Forums: none
E-mail: theshadowyflight@gmail.com
Listen: Free. download at iTunes.

: Knight Rider, in all it's incarnations
Frequency: So far, it's weekly.
Merchandising: none


Greetings podcast world!

Hi everyone! We are Renée and Crystal and we are here to bring you a new and exciting podcast!

Pimp My Podcast is intended to showcase podcasts, podcast networks, podcasters, and those offering podcasting (and related) services. Each episode, we will talk about a new podcast or podcast network and let you know all the great stuff about it!

Do you want to tell the world about your podcast? Are you starting a new podcast and trying to get noticed? Do you need ideas or help with logos, website design, or podcast editing? Do you offer your services in any of these areas? Then this is the place for you!

New and veteran podcasters are welcome! We are here to meet the needs of podcasters and podcast listeners! Let us know what you'd like hear or what you'd like to offer to the podcasting community at pimpmypodcast AT gmail DOT com.

We hope you enjoy and benefit from this podcast! Thanks for listening!